Why is Antonio Urzi called New Billy Meier

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The Antonio Urzi Case is perhaps one of the most astounding cases in the history of Ufo research. The videos are clear and of high quality. They have been analyzed by Mexico's expert journalist and researcher Jaime Maussan and his studio crew, by the independent researcher Giuseppe Garofalo and from the American scholar Jim Dilettoso. All of them stated that the UFO footages of Urzi are absolutely real.
Over the course of 8 years Antonio Urzi has filmed over 1700 UFO sightings in the outskirts of Milan, Italy. The fact that Antonio Urzi is in constant contact with these craft and knows exactly when to film them is the most astounding part of this case. It is thanks to the skill and commitment of Giorgio Bongiovanni, Jaime Maussan and Pier Giorgio Caria that today we have the whole
documentation of the case.

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