Wolves in sheep's clothing, the Dog-Collared Pries

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Jun 4, 2009
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Wolves in sheep's clothing, the Dog-Collared Priests of Mammon fleecing simpletons. People put on these fanciful robes and take on secular profession in Churches, paid in Mammon and they pretend to be working for God. If you work for Mammon, you received reward or wages from Mammon as God gives His Wage, the Gospel Truth Freely to those who serve Him Free. I quoted St.Paul's example in which he earned his bread making tents. But they reverted back claiming that Christ Jesus said, "His Labourers are worth their keep". God pays them in Gospel Treasures and not bread and butter that you should work for as the first Bishop Stephen did. In short, these Dog-Collared Priests, the hirelings are Wolves in sheep's clothing.

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