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Revised ***** from original poster - Casey For all of the People accusing Kan of posting disinformation, your beef is with me. I was the one who initially posted this video, and I did so with honest intent. Everyone has heard AJ say that “...

Revised *****

from original poster - Casey A.K.A

For all of the People accusing Kan of posting disinformation, your beef is with me. I was the one who initially posted this video, and I did so with honest intent. Everyone has heard AJ say that “The Answer to 1984 is 1776”. Do you have any idea how small the tea tax was by comparison to the income tax? Threepence per pound it’s laughable by comparison and it was a tax on tea, not on labor.

Imagine if the founders were presented with the Idea by the Crown that they should pay a 25-50% tax on the fruits of their labor. The numbers involved in the Revolution would have been 20 fold what they were. Even five year old girls would be loading muskets and taking shots at the redcoats. As far as AJ supporting a sponsor that helps people to settle with the IRS goes, it is my contention that he should at the very least stay neutral on the issue. It would be far less damaging to his character for him to stay neutral on the issue than it would be for him to advocate the idea that we should give up and pay them out of fear, and promote the idea that resistance is futile.

Resistance is not futile, and funding the IRS is funding our own destruction, yes some people who resist the IRS will have to pay a price. Just like Ed and Elaine Brown paid a price, just like Irwin Schiff paid a price, just like Sherry Peel Jackson paid a price, just like Dick Simkanin paid a price, and many more, all of these people are true heroes. But does the risk involved in non-compliance mean we should advocate exchanging our liberty for security? Does it mean we should kowtow to them because they are stronger than us? Well I’m going to tell you guys right here and right now, they are not stronger then us. I subscribe to the words of Gandhi: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

If Alex Jones, were to suddenly take on a sponsor that offers fluoridated drinking water for babies, and then explain it off by saying, well we can’t get away from the fluoride, and babies need water… Would you honestly buy that too? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big AJ fan, but we need to not be sheep, we have to hold his feet to the fire if he does something f***ed up. I assure you, promoting the idea of settling with the IRS, knowing what he knows about the IRS, is completely f***ed up.

Please people do a bit more thinking before you slanderously accuse people of disinformation The sole intent of making this a viral video issue is to get AJ to see how ridiculous he is being, and to drop the sponsor. If AJ truly believes that they want to kill 80% of us, then he of all people should know that it’s not time to be afraid, it’s time to stop cooperating with the system!

Please, people with heads on their shoulders; help me to help AJ see what kind of message he is sending by taking on this sponsor. I don’t think he will need that much encouragement from free minded logical-thinking individuals to drop the sponsor.


P.S. I deleted the online, petition because it’s a joke. He’s not going to drop the sponsor based on signatures in an online petition. We need to come at him with a common sense approach, after all this is really a simple issue. If you really want him to drop the sponsor, we need to complain to GCN, and complain to him personally by sending messages to his MySpace, and calling him out on air and confronting him with the issue, and making viral videos that express the sound logic of him staying at the very least neutral on this subject of whether or not to pay, or resist, the income tax.

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