P. Schiff: US giant ponzi scheme ready to collapse

  • Uploaded by Herbert on Jun 9, 2009
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Sad stuff; Schiff tears the US econ a richly deserved new one while some old tired windbag repeats the same old rusty merry-go-round bubble everythings-just-fine tune. Nothing you don't already know.

The interesting thing about this one is that the CNBC main caster sides with Schiff for the first time I've ever seen, which strikes me as fairly signifcant. CNBC is a big part of The Beast...having CNBC openly entertain talk of depressions and comparisons involving Madoff and Argentina on a serious level is like a whole shelf of ice caving off the antarctic or something.

I'm freaking loving it. These MSM reptiles are finally getting their comeuppance is all I can say; I wish the board terms and conditions allowed for more colorful metaphoric range at such times, lets just say...

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