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Mountains of recycled rubbish spring up across UK


Experts estimate that up to 15 per cent of all recycling is now being stored in warehouses and ports, waiting for a buyer.

Some of the waste could be stuck there for a year.

One in four councils has asked for more storage capacity to cope with the problem, which is likely to have worsened because of the volume of recycling generated over Christmas.

Councils have been forced to recycle more by facing higher penalties for every tonne of waste that they dump in landfill to help the UK hit new European Union recycling targets.

But demand for recycling material has dropped sharply since October as sales of new cars, white goods and new homes - which provide a market for recycled material - have tailed off in the global downturn.

The price of recycled cans has fallen from £200 a tonne to £20 a tonne, while paper and card has also dropped from £60 a tonne to just £10 a tonne.

Prices have now fallen so far that the cost of making new plastic is cheaper than reusing the recycled material. The result has been a big increase in stockpiles of recycled rubbish, which contractors are battling to clear.

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  • Wideawakeuk#

    Wideawakeuk June 10, 2009 11:26:44 PM CEST

    it gose a little deeper then that as you have to look a huge picture before you understand recyling is nothing more then a money making scheme and actuly cause's more co2 and other problems that its suposed to pervent. 1) fuel and resouce's to make the recyling bins and faciltys for you to recyle along with the making and running of the vehicles that collect and drop off from these locations. 2) the fuel and energy you as a person spends taking you recyling to these places allso the fuel to run the trucks that collect from door to door 3) the fuel needed to sort and turn these items in to bundles so they can be sold and reused. now as hardly anyone is buying the stuff becuse of global credit decline you can now add the fuel and energy to move and store these bundles along with people needed to provide security for these sites. As you can see thats an awfull lot of fuel and energy needed to recycle with that in mind ask your self is recycling as we do it today really that good for the planet. i have not even touched on the cost of all this which is payed for by you the tax payer but insted you would rather tell on your nighbour because he happend to put a tin can in the paper bin.......

  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 June 10, 2009 9:35:02 PM CEST

    what a con recycling is... councils have really jumped on the global warming bandwagon with this 1... when in reality... its just in place to earn the local authourities yet more income

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