Area 51 - Secret interview with a grey alien

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The color video footage, which lasts for a total of two minutes and fifty-five seconds, was apparently smuggled out of the secret Groom Lake Area 51 facility in Nevada by a man referring to himself as Victor. The video film depicts a Grey alien being interrogated at the government facility.

The footage first came to light on the Art Bell radio show on 13th March, 1997 when ufologist Sean David Morton was interviewed. Morton claimed the interrogation was fairly recent, sometime in 1996, and that renowned UFO expert Bob Dean apparently cried at the advanced screening of the film.

After claiming to have smuggled the film out of the Groom Lake facility in Nevada, Victor resolved to have the footage broadcast on network television as soon as possible in order to pulicly expose his claims. Victor believes that if his identity is discovered and he is subsequently assassinated, this would only further help to confirm the claims and authenticity behind the film.

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