Holy Places in Adam: Adam being of Nature, people

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Holy Places in Adam: Adam being of Nature, people observe Natural Laws of Tit-for-tat in Moses. Adam and God -Jews have corrupted the Abraham-Isaac story against the right one of Ishmael. Holy Places of Adam and God - Introduction - First be a son of Man, then you will know God, our Father. We are not born with spiritual intellect but we acquire it through education and grace that involves first knowing what we see with our two naked eyes, then such sensible persons by the grace of God, we become twice born capable of perceiving the Royal Kingdom of God within us by understanding His Word. This St.Thomas stressed that first know what you see of Adam, then what is not seen of God but perceived would be known to you. To know God, you need to have a heart of a child as Peter used to have and tell Jesus what used to be in his heart. Hypocrites like Judas Iscariot were never asked by Jesus to tell what people think of Him. In fact, for Judas Iscariot stealing money from Purse, Jesus never trusted him or criticise him but just observed like the others. It was only at the Last Supper, Christ Jesus found the hearts of other eleven as clean as those of the little children and the one whose heart was not clean, Judas Iscariot, was thrown out of the Company before Jesus started to Baptise His Labourer through Eucharist of Sacrifice, which is highly mocked today by the Churches dominated by the antichrist hireling Dog-Collared Priests working for Mammon and not God. God's TYreasures, the Gospel Truth being highly Valuable, cannot be entrusted to stone-headed simpletons who would Trample over them or the psychic who would manipulate to glorify themselves by making a huge following of the blind bogging them into prayers, when God being Omniscent knows the matters of your heart already. Only the pneumatic wise men of holy ghost glorify God by fishing men into the Royal Kingdom of God meant for the solitary as the Gate and the Road is Narrow. Today, Matt.13.v24-30 is being fulfilled in that people unfaithful to Abraham, the Tares, are bundled up in Israel for Final Burning expected to be in the end of 2012. Both the people of Isaac and Ishmael are unfaithful to Abraham.

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