Voice of the Cosmic messenger updated-Ashtar on TV

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We carry this message in our hearts. We are accredited by our Father - Creator and supported by his spiritual helpers and our friends from the Universe. We took this task to support everyone. We do it with love, led by heart. We love you dear people and this news is here right for you.

We met not a long time ago. What put us together was an interest in a man’s soul. We know each other hardly two months and the number of our members is still changing. Almost everyone of us is in a telepathic connection with Cosmic friends and Father - Creator. We do not have any rules. What links us together is love that is why we meet. We love our planet and we can see that it is at the verge of collapse. We feel her pain. The time, when we will all have to decide whether we want to enter the New age with love or not, is coming. Both is a way of you people. These messages can open your eyes, Dear people, stop for a while and look around. Calm down and listen to yourselves. Your heart is beating fast.

“Dear people, come with open hearts, the time when anybody could hurt you is blown over.

What message would you like to hand over to our readers of the book “TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS”?
The concluding message will be transmitted by me, Ashtar, namely, that we all, the true cosmic people, love everybody of you undiscriminatingly, even in such a way, that in the course of the forthcoming change none of your works on this planet Earth will be ruined. And we wish you much love and understanding, that not only this planet Earth, but the whole universe is thus inhabited, namely, in many dimensions, which you, the terrestrials, cannot perceive as far as your development is concerned. But some of you, who will succeed in that forthcoming spiritual grading, shall get to know these different civilizations and they shall be enabled to be in contact with them according to their free will on the basis of our Creator’s laws and philosophy of love to fellowmen.

Thereunto I, Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, wish you from the interplanetary station Share, that you would become that leading nation, because your vibrations and spiritual level is now the highest on this planet Earth. With this, that’s all."

Link: www.universe-people.com

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