Sonic Bloom The Solution

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30 Minute Video produced by the Indonesian Department of Agriculture

Organic Nutrients for Your Organic Plants, Gardens and Farms

The Story of Sonic Bloom

Sonic BloomBy the middle of
this century, the population of our planet may have increased to 15 billion people. We have greedily turned forests into deserts further challenging the Earth's ability to care for us. Sonic Bloom is the answer to feeding our people and caring for our planet.

Let Dan Carlson, the man who grew the largest indoor plant in the world and invented Sonic Bloom, guide you to remarkable success with your plants and crops. Sonic Bloom is a system that uses specially designed sound and organic nutrients to create amazing organic food and plants. It works on everything.

On every leaf there are thousands of such small openings. Each stoma--less that 1/1000 of inch across--allows oxygen and water to pass out of the leaf, or transpire, while other gases, notably carbon dioxide, move in to be transformed by photosynthesis into sugars. During dry conditions, the stomata close to prevent a wilting plant from drying out completely.

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