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MIAC - Constitutionalist are Terrorist


  • Hiyosilver#

    Hiyosilver June 18, 2009 7:05:14 PM CEST

    How many other states are issuing such letters to the police in their states that have not yet seen the light of day? This notice to police officers had to originate with and be approved by an individual or a committee. There should be little challenge in identifying them by name and position. The content of the notice opposes much of the US Constitution and likely, much of the respective state Constitution as well. The legal eagles out there will know the procedures that need to be taken against the individuals that initiated and issued the notice. It is obvious that there can be no further delay on the part of real justice. Many will agree that it can certainly be construed that the oaths of office may surely have been violated. The experts will know whether or not individual charges can rightly be filed and people permanently removed from holding government office. Holding office holders directly and personally responsible for such notices and directives MUST be initiated or they will merely become bolder. (Many may see this already as boldness to the max!) Cudoes to the police officer that placed the notice in public view. It is great to know that there are officials that see the injustice in such notices! I believe that if and when the time comes, we will see the same in police and military alike. It appears that definitions of terms and words such as 'Domestic Terrorist' can now be made to mean whatever those in control wish them to mean. If we as individuals do nothing else.....this video needs to be sent to everyone on our e-mail lists. Eventually, the message will reach the ones that can and will do something positive within our system.

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