Roswell Rods

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This is one of the movie trailers I am preparing for my next film "Roswell Rods." I am producing this film entirely on my own without investors. I will be premiering "Roswell Rods" later this year for free on You Tube, Google, Dislcose TV,Blip-tv, and as many all web sites that will carry the film.

I am still needing some funds to pay for footage (such as in this promo) , still photographs and music licenses, a camera man to film interviews and a host / narrator for the film. Other than that, I will be producing and editing the film entirely by myself.

I am setting up a movie credits page on & for any of you that wish to be a part of the film which I feel is the definitive "END" to all the insect theorists claims who have debunked Rods all these years as being nothing more than camera artifacts created by interlaced video. Good argument but not fully the truth.

I am excited about finally delivering this film and urge anyone out there that has ever taken photos and or footage of what you think may be Rods, to contact me. I am looking for 24p, 35 mm, HD footage and miniDV footage, if you have digital Beta, Beta SP or other formats including PAL, be sure and let me know.

Pay for footage will depend on how much I raise through sales of movie credits to the film and money I earn through making web sites.

This film is going to be a totally independent film and may take longer to make because of the fund raising. In the meantime have a look at this trailer and see them at 10,000+ feet above earth. Jose Escamilla - &

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