Dark Age is the Age of Christs, the Royal Priests

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Dark Age is the Age of Christs, the Royal Priests of God and no more of Rabbis or manly Priests. When the Rabbis were proficient then they had the knowledge of written Torah and the Oral Torah. When the Rabbis become corrupt and greedy, then the knowledge of Oral Torah is taken away from them. Then for the sake of making their living, they resort to the letters of the Books that are dead without spirit or the knowledge of Oral Torah. John, the Baptist was an Ideal Rabbi or Prophet Elijah according to Matt.13.52. At such a Time, then God sends His Very Son, the anointed Christ in the name of Jesus to introduce to us our spiritual Teacher, God by explaining to us His Word. By Preaching to us His Word, His anointed Royal Priest departs leaving His Workers among us in the name of Apostles or Sants. Both the anointed Christs in the names of Jesus and Nanak have appeared and gone but the satanic people love Darkness for fleecing the simpletons. Satanic people of Judah tribe in the Middle East are Princeses of Darkness whilst in the East, the people of Khatri ytibe are the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, the greatest hypocrites on earth. In this Dark Age, hypocrisy dominates the lives of the crooks as today, you find hypocrisy in politics where the politicians would feed you sugar-coated tablets of falsehoods that leads to sectarian riots. No politician would speak the Gospel Truth as it would topple them. Gospel Truth is received through revelations on individual basis by the grace of our Father. Such people are rare; one in thousand and two in ten thousands. in the Middle East and one in a million in the East or India where greed dominates among the general public too. Antichrists have raised their ugly heads that would lead to Atomic War in end of 2012 when the Myan Calendar touches Zero. the Demise of this Dark Age or Kalyug. Pope and these hireling dog-collared priests in Churches, they are antichrists doing secular job but pretending to people that they are performing spiritual duties. Blind to spirit people believe them not knowing when you work for God, then you receive your Wage from God as the Workers of Jesus were paid, Holy Spirit as their Wage at Pentecost.

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