Mind Control

  • Uploaded by Baphumet on Jun 20, 2009
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Mind control !?!

The very words seem so unreal, a millenial boogey-man, just another urban legend concocted by some paranoiac cranks to amaze and frighten people into the consideration of their fear-mongering agenda.

It brings to mind vivid word pictures of mindless, glassy eyed zombies under the control of puppet mastering demagogues.

It hisses of secret government plans aimed at enslaving all mankind with drug-induced and electronic psycho-technology.

One thinks of the tormented and trigger-bound "Manchurian Candidate" or Mel Gibson's haunted Jerry in the recent "Conspiracy Theory", passive victims of a perverse science.

Such grotesquely evocative impressions flood the minds of those who hear the term, so unbelievably bizarre as to be dismissed outright as a fable...

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