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New UFO, OVNI Must see over Bogotá Colombia May 8,

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Jun 21, 2009
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  • Thesaint#

    Thesaint June 21, 2009 12:46:41 PM CEST

    The fact that it moves like this should give it credance rather than opposite. A lot of UFO vids seem to show them doing this. If I were to hoax something I would want to make it look smooth not unweildy thats why I give these sightings the thumbs up. Someone somewhere wrote that when they get close to terra firma it plays havoc with their systems. This looks real to me although who says what is real and what is not.

  • Huge1234#

    Huge1234 June 21, 2009 9:00:23 AM CEST

    that observation is a good 1... but i doubt he's stilled pissed... however... romulan ale is rather potent... and thats problies why its banned throughout the federation :) alot of ufoy vids seems to show said 'crafts' looking rather unstable during flight... the billy meier ufo footage are classic examples bloody learner drivers! :D

  • Cdr123#

    Cdr123 June 21, 2009 8:07:22 AM CEST

    pilot's not too clever, bloody thing is wobbling about like a goodun. Probably been out on the town the night before,or maybe its a model on a string. Hmmm!

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