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ufo contact, randolph winters on meier


  • Kwaaikoppie#

    Kwaaikoppie June 26, 2009 12:30:35 AM CEST

    tx for commenting,you are right buddy, highly controversial but al what the skeptic are doing, is say that it is a hoax. However none of them has ever come up with reproducing any of meier his stuff and what about the predictions he made. you can check out ufo aliens, world most famous case here on my site ( new investigation in to meier or on my youtube channel to find loads of ufo documentariesgreetz

  • Ufologist#

    Ufologist June 25, 2009 6:58:24 PM CEST

    I am willing to keep an open mind on this since it has not yet been proven a hoax even after all these years. Alot of people have tried to discredit Billy through deception and lies, and that is what makes me keep the open mind. What are they afraid of? And the pictures, despite being quite old, have not yet been proven fakes. And the metal samples did contain some known elements. But the kicker is is that it was forged using cold fusion, a technology we do not have (unfortunately) as of yet.

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