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CHEMTRAILS: DEPOPULATION BY FUNGUS AND AEROSOLS- FREE VIDEO BY CLIFFORD CARNICOM Two years ago, in 2005, principal public researcher of the global chemtrails sprayings operation, Clifford Carnicom whose site is at: created a video titled &q...


Two years ago, in 2005, principal public researcher of the global chemtrails
sprayings operation, Clifford Carnicom whose site is at:

created a video titled "Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)" in which he
explains the history of his chemtrails research with findings that he and
group of professionals from USA and the rest of the world have made.

This documentary is now in public domain and can be obtained in DVD format
form a number of distributors form a minimum price that covers expenses of
it's printing and distribution:

Here are the links to three parts of this video in reduced resolution that
can be easily downloaded for free:

Part 1:

Pert 2:

Excerpt from the interview with Gwen Scott, N.D.:

... We have found out thru very credential research doctor that, perhaps,
what we are seeing occasionally show up in our air supply is a fungus.
The reason this is so critical is that apparently this fungus dramatically
compromises the immune system by consuming those nutrients the immune system
uses to repair and rebuild. Like every system in our body the immune system
has to keep rebuilding itself. It would wear out, it would wear down and it
must keep regenerating. If it does not have this nutritional tools to do
that your immune system becomes dramatically compromised, unable to deal
with any kind of invader. That is why I think we see so many more colds and
flues that we have seen in last 5 - 6 years then we have seen in long time.
I know in my clients this things are like epidemic. Sinus infections, colds
and flues, that is on lighter side, on the heavier side we are seen a lot
more cancers. It is very devastating disease implying an extremely
compromised immune system. Part of this has to be this fungal kind of
invasion because, as I said, this fungus eats the nutrients the immune
system uses to rebuild itself. ...

... almost in everyone's blood this fungus shoves up ...

Pert 3:

We also know that we are getting a lot of particulate of heavy metals. All
of which are not good for the body. ...

We know that there is some aluminium in this. And we also know that
aluminium, unfortunately, can cross the blood-brain barrier. And we know,
thru research, it's been correlated to diseases like Alzerheimers...
..a brain has ability to take that metal, Aluminium, and push it out of
brain in to your hair. And I think that's why so many people were getting in
hair analysis high content of aluminium, its the brain doing its job of
trying to get this toxin out...

We also know that barium is part of the mix and it knocks all of the
potassium out of your body. I have seen in my patients a lot of muscle
weakness, a lot of palpitations all related to, either a complete loss of
the potassium or to way to low of potassium...

There is also some titanium in this mix, again another heavy metal, and
magnesium. For a long time I could not why that could be a bad thing,
because we are always encouraging people to take some magnesium in. However,
my brother who is physicist, accidentally, gave me an answer that I have
been seeking, 2 or 3 years, why we see so many blood clots, and thick blood
plates and it's epidemic now, constantly running commercials for blood
thinners and on and on.
Well, he tells me when you combine aluminium ion with a magnesium ion, it
clots the blood. So we have both of those in this mix...

People say: "What can we do to mitigate this, I mean it is in every breath I
take?" That is something I find hard for people to understand. This is not
something previously I could say to people: please do not eat margarine,
please don't drink tap water, this things are not good for you.
I cannot ask people not to breath...
When I am outdoors I wear a mask. It is not comfortable, it looks silly, I
get stares, but I have to tell you, since I have been doing this I have
noticed a big improvement in what kind of symptomology I had to deal with...

I don't know if you know, one of the top respiratory specialists in USA was
recently on a "Today" show. He has written a book, called something about a
breathing crisis in this country and he told, I think it was Katie Kirk, I
don't recall who was interviewing, that death or mortality from respiratory
diseases has gone from number 8 five years ago, to almost number 3.
That's huge.
That means that the third leading cause of death in this country is
And one has to wonder what has happened in 5 years to have created that kind
of crisis, its the only word I can think of?...

It will not just go away. ....

So this is something that anybody who breaths, and I am assuming that this
is everybody who might be seeing this documentary, needs to be concerned,
not only for themselves, but for everyone that they love.
This is not like a firing squad where everybody goes down and get to watch
it at one time. This is a cumulative poisoning that will demonstrate in
different people in different manners, depending on how strong their immune
system was to begin with, what their genetics are, and many other factors.
So this is something that would demonstrate in a lot of different ways. You
are not going to have, as I said, a firing squad effect, but what you will
have over time its more and more debilitated people, more and more people
who do not feel well, more and more younger people which I am seeing quite a
bit of now, in their '20, '30 and '40, with problems we never sow in that
age range, or rarely I should say.
When this began, almost 6 years ago, 24/7, during that time, at the
beginning I sow mostly older frail people and in infants suffering and
leaving the planet, but now it is coming down chronological scale so are now
dealing with people teenagers, '20, '30, '40, '50 with a lot of debilitating
I know in Albuquerque alone, 5 - 6 years ago 8% of the children was
diagnosed as asthmatics. Today, as of now its 70%.
It is devastating...

One of the most frequently asked question of those who are conscious of this
aerosol operation is: "Do they exist to harms us?"
I cant answer that. I don't know. But what I can say is: "Do they know that
is harming us?"
Un-eqivocately they do at this point in time.

And so one that lives in free and democratic country would wonder why would
the people that we trust to care for us allow for this thing to go on? I
personally, way deep inside and after many sleepless nights cannot come up
with any plausible reason, why you could for, any reason, harm so many
people in such traumatic way.


In his 1997 radio interview on "Coast to Coast AM" show lead by renown host
Art Bell, Mr. Edward Dames (Mayor ret.), one of the participants of the
practical application of the Remote Viewing technology in US military during
eighties and one of the, at the same time most controversial and renowned,
entrepreneurs using this technology in civil sector today, said that, at
first Africa (Burundi or lake Victoria) and later other lands, shall be
contaminated artificially, from space, by plant pathogen, a fungus (later
changed to fungus vector), which shall eradicate all plants.

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