Hindu:- Hindu is one who knows his tribal identity

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Hindu:- Hindu is one who knows his tribal identity or Hond. Antonym of a Hindu is fanatic son of Satan, the Tares. First understand the meanings of the word and then seek the origin. Hindu is derived from the word Hond which means your identity in tribe or the secular identity of your physical self. Remember that this secular world of Adam is for the sons of Adam and not for the sons of Satan. But in this Dark Age, Satan plays important role to misguide you and ruin your life. Human birth is the result of your past good deeds that we call Karma. It is the king of his creation that we can perform things which the other Mammals cannot. In South India, King Ravan of Lanka, a great Pandit or Pharisee put it on firm footing by asking people to add their tribal secular identity into their names. South Indian names have four parts. First the name of the boy or girl, then that of his/her father, then of mother and lastly the family surname. St.Thomas went to South India and over there He preached the Word of God that they grasped it quick as they were already the sons of Man or the salt of the earth. In the Middle East, when the chosen people become Jews of the physical body or of flesh and not spiritual as they supposed to be, inwardly, then they break their covenant with Abraham and become sons of Satan unfaithful to Abraham of their own freewill. At the time Christ Jesus came, most of the chosen people were Jews of the physical body or of the rituals killed by the Temple Brood of Vpers, the hireling Rabbis rather than of the heart or inwardly spiritual of the circumcision of the heart. In order to know God, you must be sensible enough to know your physical or the tribal father. But the people of the Judah tribe were mostly Jews outwardly of flesh and not inwardly of the heart that Christ Jesus had to take a Virgin Birth among the most spiritually sick people of Judah tribe, the tribe of king David. Today, in most countries, people have taken religious hue and have become unfaithful to their tribal fathers, the sons of Satan who would kill and burn each others. No Peace or Justice among the sons of Satan as you see today in Israel or India.

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