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Oldham ufo 3


  • Paulrizza#

    Paulrizza July 8, 2009 12:25:04 AM CEST

    broad daylight.street lamps are on!defo plane

  • Ufologist#

    Ufologist June 26, 2009 6:32:10 PM CEST

    Okay, fair enough. You send this video to another MUFON investigator, or ANY experienced investigator and see what they say. I might be wrong, but doubt it.

  • Jayson1972#

    Jayson1972 June 25, 2009 9:24:50 PM CEST

    Good post Blindgnome.

  • Jayson1972#

    Jayson1972 June 25, 2009 9:24:19 PM CEST

    And are you some world renowned investigator? I think not! Like Blindgnome says they don't just hover and then change direction. I have seen similar things with my wife and they did not change direction and it was not the setting sun glinting off the fuselage. The object we saw was going in a straight line and then got brighter and the faded out. How can you just assume it is a plane? I think you are a common misidentifier. Don't be so quick to dismiss what you do not understand. ?

  • Blindgnome20#

    Blindgnome20 June 25, 2009 8:40:36 PM CEST

    if thats the case then how come i have footage of 2 of these together then they both just dissapear.Passenger planes wouldnt hover very low over houses and turn of the lights.I have over 6 gb of video on my computer which proves this isnt a plane check out springhead ufo on youtube i have like 50 videos

  • Ufologist#

    Ufologist June 25, 2009 7:41:07 PM CEST

    I've investigated tons like this. The light got brighter because the PLANE turned and you were seeing it head on. As it finished turning the light got dimmer. It is a common misidentification.

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