Gordon Brown's New Britishness in Nottingham

  • Uploaded by Rcoones on Jun 26, 2009
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A visit to Nottingham England reveals some new changes...for the better or worse is the question. The traditional is being replaced by the generic to fit in with the program. The old sense of Britishness is being replaced by the New Britishness of Gordon Brown and New Labour. Exported Jobs, Open borders, Changing Demographics, loss of National Sovereignty and identity, and Political Correctness mandated by British law and EU directives breaking down the country. Part of a plan or just a random event? Gordon Brown, as all high office New Labour, belongs to the Fabian Society.

The society was named after the Roman general Fabius Maximus who used delaying tactics waiting for the ideal opportunity. The society's motto -- "For the right moment you must wait... but when the right moment comes you must strike hard" - and the tortoise is their mascot who is slow moving but bites hard.

The new Face of Britain is a generic one with diminishing contact with the past history of its indigenous people.... That is under New Labour. People are waking up to this fact now. In the latest European 09 election New Labour had a dismal turnout with UKIP and Conservatives getting the vote.

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