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Mystery Giant Skeleton Satellite Images

  • Uploaded by Vulcanic on Jun 29, 2009
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Mystery Giant Skeleton Satellite Images

Extraordinary images in Google Earth may confirm Biblical accounts if verified. The gigantic skeleton-like object is many times larger than any skeleton ever discovered, and lies one mile from the base of Jabal Al Lawz in Saudi Arabia. Jabal Al Lawz is a mountain that some believe is the Biblical Mount Sinai, but is in an area that is off limits to civilians and tourists. Biblical references to Leviathan's location may lend further support to that conclusion. The audio is from a radio segment where Cindy Swanson of WQFL radio interviews Terrence Hatch. It was recorded 5/28/2008, and aired 6/1/2008. Terrence, and son Justin, first stumbled across the image of the object February 21, 2008. Although Terraserver's images were too low quality for use in this video, high resolution ones are now also available on Terrerserver, minus the clouds.

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