Wilbert B Smith - 1958 Ottawa Address

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Wilbert Brockhouse Smith is not a name which normally comes to mind for most people when they are discussing the evidence pertaining to UFO’s and extra-terrestrial intelligence. Indeed, most people tend to confuse Wilbert Smith with Wilbur Smith - the author of numerous historical fiction novels. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith was himself a writer, though his main work “A New Science” was never finished nor widely published.

Wilbert Smith was a rare individual indeed - naturally inquisitive, kind-hearted, methodical, analytical, thorough, resourceful - yet open-minded. Some of his writings read like those of a spiritual leader, whilst remaining grounded, straightforward and accessible. Unusually, for someone like Smith, through the 1940’s and 1950’s, he rose to a high position in the Canadian Government and eventually became the Superintendent of Radio Regulations. In 1950, his interest in “flying saucers” (as they were called then) was triggered by a magazine article and he began to investigate “saucer” cases himself, developing questionnaires for witnesses and contactees. He was a contemporary of people such as Major Donald Keyhoe, George Adamski and the legendary Frank Edwards, who all played a significant role in developing our knowledge of “The Boys Topside”, as Wilbert Smith came to call them.

Smith took his research very seriously and he realised and expressed the implications of what he discovered. He made repeated and strenuous efforts to obtain the support of the Canadian Government in specific research projects that he and a small team of associates undertook. These projects were not without success, although in later years, government officials disavowed their involvement with them and withdrew support.

In 10 years of research, Smith’s understanding developed and he began to see “the bigger picture”. He realised the key role that awareness and consciousness played in the phenomena that he was investigating.

When I first came across Wilbert Smith, I strongly identified with his writings and conclusions - partly because we have both worked in engineering disciplines - which are all about solving problems.

This presentation is made possible by the work - spanning a quarter of a century - of Canadian Researcher Grant Cameron (www.presidentialufo.com). Other researchers have also collected and preserved Smith materials and prevented their untimely removal by government employees. However, it was Grant Cameron that collated (and placed in the public domain) thousands of pages of WB Smith-related documents, including the famous “Top Secret Memo” written to the Canadian Dept. of Transport in 1950. In that document, Smith discloses the secrecy classification on the study of the “saucer” phenomenon. Cameron and others have also preserved several hours of compelling audio recordings of Smith and his associates. These recordings, even today, jolt our grey matter in surprising directions.





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