The Mysterious Treasure of Oak Island 1/4

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Jul 11, 2009
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This cryptic inscription on a stone uncovered at the 100-foot level of the Oak Island "money pit" has kept treasure hunters digging for almost 200 years. Over the centuries, Oak Island, which lies just off the coast of Nova Scotia, has gobbled up the resources and lives of many men without producing a single doubloon. Designed by some ancient engineer, the pit is a complex hole with timber crosspieces every 10 feet. Near the 100-foot level, any attempt to break through brings the Atlantic Ocean rushing in. So far, all efforts to solve the puzzle of the pit's protective design have failed. Even using the most modern technology, no one has been able to get through to those two million pounds... 50 billion dollars! Who built it and why? Some surprising answers in this video!


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