Nazi Wunderwaffe: Rheinbote

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Rheinbote (Messenger of the Rhine, in German) was a ground-ground missile developed by Nazi Germany in the early 1940s, drawing on the experience gained with the Rheintochter.

This was not a missile guidance system, four stages, powered by gunpowder, and a range of up to 160 km. All stages used stabilizing fins. The rocket measuring 11 meters long and reach test was 160 km away using a warhead of 40 kg, 20 kg of explosive. The missile weighed up to 1650 kg, 580 of whom were of gunpowder. Used the same vehicle used for the V2 and from which he could throw a Rheinbote per hour. The said it was simply pointing in the direction of the missile target and raising the launch of the rail right angle to the warhead dropped on the target. The warhead was only able to make a crater of 1.2 meters in diameter and had no capacity shredder, which was a weapon of Rheinbote unhelpful, considering that each of the missile took nearly two tons of iron and more half a ton of gunpowder to launch. Anyway the missile into service by order of Adolf Hitler and Hans Kammler.

Built by the Rhein-metall Borsig, only in the battle of Antwerp) were launched more than 200 copies.

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