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The New Billy Meier


Jaime Maussan, MUFON Director for Mexico, presents the Urzi Case in the International UFO Congress 2009 with over 1700 UFO sightings filmed over eight years, Antonio Urzi and his friend Simona, from Milan, Italy, have been living an absolutely unique experience. Metallic ships, spheres of light and flotillas fly just over their heads. Antonio has filmed all kinds of UFOs from a small window in the attic where he lives with Simona.

The Antonio Urzi Case is perhaps one of the most astounding cases in the history of Ufo research. The videos are clear and of high quality. They have been
analyzed by Mexico's expert journalist and researcher Jaime Maussan and his studio crew, by the independent researcher Giuseppe Garofalo and from the American scholar Jim Dilettoso. All of them stated that the UFO footages of Urzi are absolutely real.

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  • Mahigitam#

    Mahigitam July 27, 2009 7:00:11 PM CEST

    video is not suffcnt....a contactee case shud be like billy meier's not just a few pics and videos...

  • Crunchy#

    Crunchy July 16, 2009 10:02:25 AM CEST

    i dont trust maussan see here http://www.ufowatchdog.com/hall4.html(believers dont bother clicking this link will annoy you)the first footage looks interesting but i wonderis that a model sitting on the window pane or suspended above the window ?and how he very conveniently stops filming just before the ufo dissapears9:46 gives the game away the ufo is a small model sitting on the window notice the reflection on the window ... also listen for maussans partner in crime attempt to cover this by stating the obvious

  • Area51#

    Area51 July 16, 2009 5:26:36 AM CEST

    Given all the movement and very little reference points. I would say I'm not 100% sure on this one. Nonetheless, it does look pretty real. The segment with the aircraft in the background does give more credibility to it.

  • Ufologist#

    Ufologist July 16, 2009 5:10:52 AM CEST

    Hardly a Billy Meier. When he gets a dialog going with the occupants, if any, then we can explore the Meier connection.

  • Drbunny#

    Drbunny July 16, 2009 3:31:45 AM CEST

    Very Strange

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