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A Dire Warning - alien Video

  • Huge1234
  • uploaded: Jul 16, 2009
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What you are seeing was smuggled out of the UFO Congress in
NV - in 2009 Feb. This entity was said to be found in Mexico,
the story goes that the people who found it tried to keep it
captive and it chewed one it's hands off to get free. It was
also screaming in a way that scared them deeply.

Out of panic they tried to drown it. After 30 mins they took
it out of the water and it was still alive, became very violent
and louder then ever. They again put it back in a bucket of
water to kill it for fear of it getting away. After 45 mins
they again took it out and was more pissed off then ever, it
was then left in the bucket of water all night and was indeed
dead the next morning.

The feet are identical to human feet, it has the same amount of
teeth and vertebrae as a human, the skull appears to be more like
the skull Lloyd Pile has then human. This is believed to be a
hybred. This is believed not to have been created by aliens,
but to have been created by humans in research and gotten away.

There are said to be entities like this now about 2 feet tall
seen in the area that are avoiding contact as much as possible
with humans in this area of Mexico.

The fear is that the governments of the world are trying to
reverse engineer alien technology and aliens themselves and
plan to create an ALIEN OPERATION NORTHWOODS to cause some attack
or event to be blamed on the aliens, and secure the military
industrial complex and power of our governments and repression
of the people of earth. There is no room in thier agenda for
free energy devices or human liberation and they will go as far
as to create a war to hold on to their power.

We the people must choose how contact and Disclsoure is made,
we must not allow the governments of the world to create a fake
war to hold on to power. Nick Pope has now announced on ABC,
CNN, BBC and in THE Telegraph in the UK as former Minsiter Of
Defense that the UK has been in ongoing combat for over 20 years
against flying saucers and is in a State Of War.

This makes no sense, if ETs had true harmful intent they could
Bio Engineer a virus and elimiate mankind from the earth
selectively in days, you also see that in engagements against
them such as the Battle Of La that did not counter attack, it is
not logical for them to wait to have a war with us when they
could have done so when we were far less technical in their 1st

We the people must choose and demand peace contact and honest
Disclosure and not allow the powers that be to manipulate us
into a war based on false ideas and fears.

From a military-industrial perspective, the disclosure of choice is
one which frames the UFO/ET issue in a threatening manner. If a
threat from space can be established ( as President Reagan liked
to say) then the entire world can be united around the need to
fight such a threat. This would ensure trillion dollar plus military -
industrial spending well into the next century, and beyond. If you
think the cold war was costly, wait until you see the price tag for
this ‘protection' from the ‘threats' in space: The trillions spent
on the cold war will look like a blue light special. 

What you are seeing was smuggled out of the UFO Congress in
NV - in 2009 Feb. This entity was said to be found in Mexico,
the story goes that the people who found it tried to keep it
captive and it chewed one it's hands off to get free. It was
also screaming in a way that scared them deeply.


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  • Windycity#

    Windycity August 24, 2009 11:45:13 PM CEST

    My thoughts exactly. The (supposed) find of history is only a few minutes long? And what about all the original "witnesses". No one had a camera? And if you wanted to kill something alien, why try to drown it? Why not just hit the darn thing with a shoe and be over with it. So much crap coming out of Mexico.

  • Ufohunter#

    Ufohunter August 6, 2009 1:03:08 AM CEST

    Waste of time...maybe he died with swine flu! Who cares...stop commenting photos or videos, show us real evidence! You mexican fabricators!

  • Guadalupejoe#

    Guadalupejoe July 20, 2009 11:34:41 PM CEST

    So true so very very true.... but the bottom line is that off world entities DO control the zionist evil luciferians who are draining this world of all wealth... their agenda is eugenics and THEY the Illuminati NWO are well on their way to achieve their goals...Service to Self... anannaki, draco reptilians and the greys are all in it together... hybrid human anannaki / neflim are mind controlled to carry out the hidden agenda... CFR, TLC, Bilderbergers, high level free masons and all secret societies are destroying OUR planet earth.

  • Guadalupejoe#

    Guadalupejoe July 20, 2009 11:30:49 PM CEST

    u might want to include poor pathetic Philippines in that group of pathetic Roman Catholic theocratic slave hoods....amazing how incredibly brain washed the poor Filippinos are. What a great job of mind control the Vatican has done on those poor poor ignorant slaves...www.vaticanassassins.org

  • Nihilgeist#

    Nihilgeist July 20, 2009 10:42:44 AM CEST

    As for us having to make sure a peaceful contact is made and we don't fall into a false flag hoax by our governments, the aliens could easily hover over any one our cities or multiple cities and send transmissions over our airwaves to bypass any rediculous attempt by our own governments...yet they haven't. So your logic is severely flawed in it being our responsibility for anything. They're the ones with the real power if they exist, let them have the burden of responsibility. Otherwise they deserve to get blown out of the skies if they just continue to hover out of arms reach and race off and all the other crappy pictures and videos of them prove, which is nothing.

  • Nihilgeist#

    Nihilgeist July 20, 2009 10:38:59 AM CEST

    Any culture that believes the Virgin Mary is their savior and appears regularly in windows, clouds, cookies, donuts, and feces to say "hi" deserves to get suckered out of their money. It's truly sad what the spanish did to the native central and south americans by spreading a religious plague....

  • Cory09#

    Cory09 July 20, 2009 6:40:03 AM CEST

    taxidermy at it's bestif it's from mexico - disregard

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 July 20, 2009 2:46:04 AM CEST

    we must realise that its very hard finacially in mexico so we are seeing a large amount of fake videos come from mexico to the usa and other countrys where they are trying to cash in,these pictures will be sold step-by-step in other countrys to people who are not as educated, because they have not taught about computer ect and are not able to see the flaws or even comprehend that people can hoax these things so they quickly put there money into seeing the images and the hoaxers get rich, this happened all over the world with the jesus picture floating in the clouds back in the 1980's how many parents and grand-parents spent there money to get a fake picture in the mail. The military has esoteric knowledge and weapons and we cant conceive how far ahead they have went and most of these videos are produced by the military and ect...

  • Smuggler#

    Smuggler July 20, 2009 2:36:49 AM CEST

    Your freedom is being drained away like so much waste water and you waste time on BS like this. It ain't Aliens you need to worry about chum, the danger is in Washington and the corporate board rooms and the board rooms of the banksters. Man does not need any extraterrestrial help in being greedy and foolish, we have 150,000 years of experience. Why do we look for bogymen in the dark when we are being robbed in broad day light and the perpetrators appear fearlessly on the six o'clock news?

  • Shawnkells#

    Shawnkells July 19, 2009 8:42:27 PM CEST

    Where is the rest of the video?

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