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Are Aliens Invading Scotland? (pt.5/5)

  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Jul 19, 2009
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  • Ufosearcher#

    Ufosearcher July 20, 2009 4:45:55 PM CEST

    Wrong! Just because someone uses a primitive method like the bow of a violin to make designs, and fails to make the same designs after just 3 hours, ufos don't exist? hahaha. Childish.And they dig a place, find nothing THAT THEY were expecting, and so it is all a hoax? How childish! Arquitects who built the huge church did not perhaps play a violin for 2-3 hours to design. And the marks and designs, if at all they are used by the so-called UFOs, should be more profound than this man thinks. Science should be more introspective, more openminded, and more intelligent to say no to such things. Sorry, this video is a worthless attempt.

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