CONFIRMED!! Chemtrails and Weather Warfare

  • Uploaded by Pindz on Jul 22, 2009
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HISTORY CHANNEL Documentary Validates Chemtrails and Weather Warfare

History Channel Production: Fair Use clip from the full length documentary discusses Chemtrails.

This technology presents a serious challenge to those who support Al Gore's version of Global Warming and the remedy of a CAP and TRADE tax.

The documentary is a frank admission that chemtrails and Weather Warfare technology is causing or contributing to Global Warming: "The temperature of the sky is raised to over 100 deg. F. preventing the accumulation of water vapour that would otherwise form clouds and produce rainfall."

This stunning conclusion is not new, however Al Gore says the discussion is closed. All the while, Gore and the IPCC have consistently avoided discussion of Chemtrails, aerosols or any other alternate man-made causes of Global Warming, preferring to blame CO2 as the culprit by which to impose an involuntary, global tax.

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