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Coca Cola do every process around the world with unique system that manufacture and distribute their products to you
So, you should see what you are drinking!!!
There is a person who drank a coke and got sick. Later, he decides to find more evidences to support his cause.
And the most amazing is that he has the courage to demand Coca Cola Company
He did it for you!!!
This person went to CONSULTORA LAW AND MEDICINE and He got their support to do a WOW to humanity.
This and more videos show you How Coca Cola is cheating to world.
Coca Cola Company is selling millions of products with this quality, and maybe and just maybe this could be the cause of your illness.
Do you prefer your health or any product of Coca Cola?
Examine the evidences carefully
Maybe you find the reason of your illness, for this way a person found it, and he dared to demand to King of soda Coca Cola.
If you wish to write your comments:
This is your health and the health of humanity.

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  • Jdmv2080#

    Jdmv2080 November 11, 2009 4:08:51 PM CET

    I want to comment that this is a real attack against our health, let us join l & m consulting with them to fight against Coca Cola Company that its products are of very poor quality and is killing us

  • Repoman#

    Repoman July 24, 2009 7:48:51 PM CEST

    Hey i got an idea!Stop drinking that crap!!! Its common knowledge that most sodas are not good for your health on many levels.Stop drinking it.I know it may taste good,but so does mcdonalds and kfc,and you know you feel like crap after eating it.I wonder why?there is a reason why most people especially in 3rd world countries prefer soda over fresh water!It rots your frickin brain!!!No need to contact the company!!!Just dont drink the shit.Its not good for you.Nail or no nail.

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