The Despot Barack Hussein Obama

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Fellow American Patriots, I come to you today with my face hidden like a common criminal, as I must protect my familly as well as my self from a tyranical government that is doing everything it can to silence patriots who believe in the constituion, the law and the United States of America as a FREE republic.

Why will no one in the media call Barack Hussein Obama for what he truly is, a despot? Now that his Muslim roots have emerged in time for Muslim Brotherhood members to attend his speech, you can make that, a Muslim despot.

Just as surely as he had his own records sealed from public view, out on the campaign trail, he snookered at least some of his voters on hidden Muslim roots.

For those who consider the despot tag too harsh, a president who works to take down his own country is a despot. This despot acts as though the United States of America is his private toy to do with as he wishes. Without much backlash, hes already all but shredded the Constitution, and is now fluttering its confetti-like pieces on the heads of the people to whom it matters most.

Obamas handlers wrapped him in rhinestone-studded gift wrap and passed him off as the Beatles and Elvis Presley rolled into one. The Messiah and King of the World are only two of his nicknames.

In the past few days alone, the American president has invited Iranians to July 4th celebrations, demanded halts to Jewish construction in Jerusalem, and said its okay for Americas enemies to have nuclear power but not the U.S.

That lineup does not even include his takeover of GM making it GovernmentMotors, or leading an administration that allows the sale of the Hummer to Communist China.

Now the Manchurian candidate has emerged as the Muslim Messiah.

The trademark of the despot is the suppression of the people that they govern. Despots like to spend, spend, spend. The trouble with despots is that they invariably get power drunk. When they start showing high handed signs as Obama is doing, more is never enough.

They climb into their ivory towers, slam the doors shut and ignore the pleas of their subjects.

Despots have a lot in common with desperadoes. With a hunger that can never be fed and a burning itch that cannot be scratched, they cant be sated until the destruction they yearn has been made complete.

Obama seems hellbent to punish the US for its glorious and noble past. The signs of his wanting to do that could not possibly be more clear. In other words, the President of the United States does not have the best interest of his own country at heart. Even the body language of Americas first couple tells a story whose warning should not be denied.

Look at the expression of the Obamas faces in the New York Post photograph, showing them on their $74,000 (and still counting) `date. Dont their facial expressions say it all? The Obamas dont look happy, but malcontent. Even with all the change, America is not yet the America of their remaking. Perhaps the curse of the malcontent is that they must become despots to bring about change.

Despots are always the same so there is nothing original about the man who waited to put the Hussein back in his name in time to emerge as the Muslim Messiah.

Remember this Patriots, whenb the people fear the government it is tyranny, when the government fears the people, it is liberty. And most of America is in fear of the government as you well know.

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