4/4 Benjamin Creme on Coast to Coast 7/31/09

Maitreya Update & Open Lines - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
**This interview (Out of 5000+ interviews) caused George Noory to become physically ill!
Listen as Creme discloses that the heralding in of Maitreya is not by a star as he has
proposed in the past, but rather this supposed star will be and are 4 separate gigantic
UFO’s that will appear in 4 quadrants of the earth.

Benjamin Creme, the official spokesperson for the "world teacher" DEVIL Maitreya, appeared in
the first hour of the program to provide an update on the alleged spiritual leader's
"eminent" arrival. Creme proclaimed that Maitreya will make himself known to the world
"anytime in the immediate future." He also noted that interest in the DEVIL Maitreya story is
growing, particularly in Japan, where two thousand people attended Creme's lecture in
Tokyo this past May.
Creme asserted that Maitreya is preparing the world for his arrival with "a whole series of
He claimed that the latest such
extraordinary signs, miracle happenings by the score."
sign is a set of four spaceships hovering over the Earth that appear to be stars.
According to Creme, each of the ships are "about the size of five football fields put
together" and derive energy from the sun in order to appear as if they are stars to those
observing on Earth. He declared that these ships are fulfilling a similar role as the Star of
Bethlehem, which he also said was a spacecraft.

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