Andrew Collins: 2012 Cygnus & Egypt Mystery Pt.1/6

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Sorry For the poor quality, but he has a new theory that makes alot of sense...

Andrew Collins is a scientific researcher who talks here about:
Parts 1-2
The 1974 Essex,UK abduction,the 1st abduction really researched in the UK.
Parts 3-6
Also he talks about the CYGNUS constellation and its effects on earth.Strange cosmic rays,CYGNETS, are sent out by the CYGNUS X3 star every 4.79 hours,which are picked up underground,ones of very few detected by the specially built particle detectors. Also blasts of gravity waves are sent out before these cosmic rays,which cause earthquakes and tremors on earth.The stange lights,reported as UFOs,are often seen before earthquakes and similar,thus the correlation between UFOs and CYGNUS.Sites have been made worldwide in correlation to this constellation from early times.More strangely,it has been discovered the pyramids in Egypt have more to do with CYGNUS than Orion, also that the stars of CYGNUS will line up exactly with the pyramids in 2012.
Article by Collins on the CYGNUS X3 star and its cosmic rays =

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