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The truth is out there ufos aliens 2009


  • Ace121#

    Ace121 August 7, 2009 4:37:49 PM CEST

    I agree!! There is Enough info on the Roswell case that would win in a court room hands down. Im so tired of listening to goverment's that dictate how I have to live my life. I doubt we will ever know unless a giant UFO came down upon us. The world goverments are centerd around Greed and power. we are just the sheep.

  • Paranormalcrazy#

    Paranormalcrazy August 7, 2009 10:34:38 AM CEST

    The truth is out there about ufos and aliens? Area 51 ufos with tony hicks psychic medium looks into the history of area 51 and says to area 51 tell us the truth.We are all waiting for the truth its about time now come on.

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