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The Stargate

  • Rizze
  • uploaded: Aug 7, 2009
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The Stargate of Aramu Muru

Far from civilization, and high within the Andes, an outcropping of ancient petrified sandstone was shaped by the hands of a forgotten civilization. The technology they possessed exceeds the current understand of quantum principals.

The outcropping was made ornate by including the features of a woman lying on her back as she gazes silently towards the sky. Beneath her, a shallow entryway, an odd keyhole, was placed whose secrets have been known to the Aymara shamen for thousands of years.

Now, as we approach 2012, and the end of an era, those secrets have been given. The mysterious portal has opened once again to those gifted enough, brave enough, to pass through. But who or what, waits on the other side?

Note: original video was 266 mb so please forgive me, for any Pixelation or bad sound quality,you may see in this compressed version.

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  • Maddhatta#

    Maddhatta March 28, 2010 6:17:45 AM CEST

    Why didn't we get to hear the tones, this guy must work for the Government. This is why we can never understand what the ancient people knew or try to come close to thier technology. As far as the tint changing colors, must have been the guy hitting the tint button instead of the zoom.

  • Hughesey09#

    Hughesey09 February 25, 2010 7:57:04 PM CET

    dont know why but this place has interested me more than loads of the same type, just a shame that it was visited by a bunch of clowns. i bet the hotel manager checked their rooms for drugs. love to see this place myself. spent all that money getting there then you dont film the best parts. 3 tones: dumb dumb dumb

  • Bupayne#

    Bupayne January 12, 2010 9:58:04 PM CET

    OK I really wanted to believe this guy he seemed authentic at first but then when he said we are not going to film the door opening because the person with the camera had stand far away from the door for safety what a load of crap.. Can you tell me if people are going to travel to a distant land risk their lives traveling to another dimension that he could not buy a video camera tripod!I hope this video is removed it is a disservice to he cause and an insult to those truly seeking knowledge of he truth.

  • Eadhmonn#

    Eadhmonn October 21, 2009 2:02:14 PM CEST

    I totally agree with most of what is posted about this video, IF you make a claim, you'd better be able to back it up. Notice how the presenter phrased that if you come back after a "few seconds" it will be okay-but just in case you don't-your ticket and belongings will be waiting at the hotel- than to shut off the filming while these guys are at the "portal"- is a pure crock.

  • Lolwtf#

    Lolwtf October 16, 2009 9:36:27 AM CEST

    I agree thats kinda hiding the whole purpose of finding the stargate.

  • Doclottalove#

    Doclottalove September 29, 2009 4:21:57 AM CEST

    5* again !13 > 14 ratings.Doc

  • 7theseer#

    7theseer August 12, 2009 2:45:01 AM CEST

    i was with 'em all the way, until he said " no footage ". WHAT A CROCK A SHIT ! me and my peoples coulda did this in my backyard.

  • Earthangel2012#

    Earthangel2012 August 10, 2009 6:45:23 AM CEST

    would be interesring if they had real footage.. so it's just BULLSHIT to me...why not record them going in?? in fact.. i can tell yall about going back in time during the time of the mayan civilization everytime i step into my closet.lol. i would be considred a liaar and probably a nut without proof and footage..same case here

  • Hughesey09#

    Hughesey09 August 10, 2009 3:25:25 AM CEST

    true if id have gone thru that door n came back id have dropped dead of shock or gone wild with joy. these guys looked like they just went for a spliff. the presenter dude had to steal the limelight, sliding down the hill on his arse. still too interesting to pass off, guess u just gotta go there.

  • Greenghost#

    Greenghost August 9, 2009 10:00:22 PM CEST

    WOW....nice rant there bud.

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