Military Chemtrail Tests over Norwich in 1960s 2/3

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The military chemtrail tests over Norwich in the 1960s

A BBC Inside Out special, documenting the spraying of zinc cadmium sulphide on Norwich during the 60s.
It's interesting to note the following:

1) Although it was not tested for toxicity by the British Ministry of Defence, zinc cadmium sulphide was already known to be poisonous and carcinogenic at the time, as is admitted in the documentary. There's no way how Porton Down bioweapons experts would not have known that;

2) So, why was cadmium chosen for the tests? Wasn't there any harmless substance these boys could use for their so called bioweapons simulation trials?

3) And, more relevantly, why was cadmium also being used by other governments, in their own tests? After all, that is the excuse given by the British government, to justify their own usage of cadmium;

4) These questions are made even more relevant when taking the more recent chemtrailing into account. The fact is, if you were actually planning to poison a public en masse, for population reduction, you would need to have longitudinal testing on the health impacts of your bioweapons. So, you'd conduct hundreds of tests, decades prior to the real operation (and, during those decades, you'd collect data on the health effects of the spraying). Using cadmium, and probably all of the other chemicals that are being used today, such as aluminum or barium. So, could the Norwich trials be essentially one of hundreds of eugenics experiments?

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