Psychic Channeling on a CERN LHC Black Hole

I attempt to channel on August 9 2009, psychic information on
the CERN LHC particle accelerator in France. Also see my other videos on the possibility of the CERN LHC creating a Black Hole or Strangelet that could eat earth.
Through ESP psychic channeling I will ask the channeled entity his opinion on the CERN LHC particle accelerator and the possibility of a Black Hole or Strangelet being created in LHC nuclear collisions that could eat earth. This channeling seems to talk about a Strangelet being created, a glowing ball of Strange Matter which is like a big glowing atomic nucleus. Strange matter has a different composition of Quarks than normal matter. A growing Strangelet might turn earth into a Strange Star that is a giant Strange Matter atomic nucleus.
From T. Chase who is the channeller, and Copyright 2009 by T. Chase. From the web site, also see (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code).

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