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The Sun, Source of Celestial Life

  • Doowop62
  • uploaded: Aug 16, 2009
  • Hits: 2518


  • Kingozzy#

    Kingozzy August 17, 2009 12:42:05 AM CEST

    Thanks for the tip, I wish people with religious videos would stay in there own section because to me they are a bloody pest like the 'door knockers and there kids on a Sunday'I don't force my views so why should they? isn't that why we have churches so they can all chat amongst themselves?

  • Thesaint#

    Thesaint August 16, 2009 7:55:33 PM CEST

    Im sure some people are paid to try and discredit sites. Maybe I should not even waste my time and comment but I can't help it. We shouild have a minus rating for crap. Don't bother people, it don't make sense and has no reference to anything. Worse than rubbish.

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