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The Kings of Conspiracy - Illuminati Threatened


Since new people are joining the Resistance all the time We D sided We would take it back to square one to make the reason clear on why We know something is going on, for those who think We are ranting lunatics rather than Seers of the future. We are now makeing a move to come under one roof, We are the Kings of Conspiracy. Joined and invited guest. ETEMENAKI Goro Adachi, Lenon Honor, Innerstanding, Soundlessdawn, Jake Kotze, 12.160Mhz, Dedroidify and many more. Educate yourself, join the Reistance today. www.thewords.ning.com

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  • Sol34now#

    Sol34now April 5, 2010 12:04:06 PM CEST

    got a feeling tavistock has alot to do with the technical side, the words for today are "social engineering". good work btw!

  • Jiloun#

    Jiloun October 17, 2009 11:25:32 AM CEST

    movies are made because of controling people, they do not want that people have a lot of time to understand the true nature of all....and movies have in it hidden truth and symbolic meaning.That because i do not like movies anymore.

  • Innerstanding#

    Innerstanding August 24, 2009 3:45:29 AM CEST

    I'm stilling wondering when people are going to stop complaining about the work and make their own. As said by the Gentleman below it makes great entertainment if anything else, better then watching all that crap on T.V., people don't even think about writing them. Anyway this is a video meant for a person to think, not to convert to anything, We are already sure of what We know, We make the videos not watch them. In addition Bangifriar is right its not just the Illiminati actually its MAN he is his own ENEMY. One would rather hate than congradulate. ENEMY NME MEN Learn the Code. http://www.thewords.ning.com" title="www.thewords.ning.com" rel="external nofollow">www.thewords.ning.com

  • Bangifriar#

    Bangifriar August 21, 2009 9:16:13 AM CEST

    I just rated this 4 out of 5; the illuminati sure knows how to keep america entertain, the world at that. Here's to great movies and toons! checked out the sponsors to this reistence group u are portraying, and I have flaged more as cult using scaremongers tactics. Actually the impression of a confused alex jones wally-b and an ex-member to the famous heaven gates club comes to mind. But each there own, just hope your awaking isnt as bunked has this group.

  • Innerstanding#

    Innerstanding August 21, 2009 2:14:13 AM CEST

    Your world is spread about a 64 bit hypercube. The work you see is a mere lure to open a portal of higher thought to the denizens of your sphere who are ever wishing to be entertained. If the truth was released it would have 0 views because that's how far one is on this Planet (planned net) from believing anything, so they will be staying and the Ancient Ones await them at Harvest. We encourage anyone to at least make a step up the pyramid, this is why We fuel the curiosity and the instinct that begs one to ask the right questions. When a person is expressing what they feel directly they have learned nothing, however when they have thought several moves ahead and act according to foreseen or foreknowledge (4) they are now in the game. Which part are you in? Seems like Duality.

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 August 21, 2009 12:14:55 AM CEST

    I thought those Images with 9-11 in them were awsome..!!! But as I have said before, saying thee Illumanti is "be hind" everything, is like saying "bankers are behind the bad economy".. It only points to a group of people who's names are unknown and who's lives are still hidden.. This is called controlling the flow of information... So showing a montage of thier puppets the politicians at the end of the video as if they are the true culprits wether you know it or not , is called misdirection.... In fact saying antyhing other than it is Racist Zionist Jews who can be named and Identified so that they can be brought to justice for thier crimes against humaity, is simple playing right into thier hands.... Because the one thing almost all of these folks have in common is that they Are Zionist, they are Racist and the are Jews that support the most brutal and evil appartide nation left on this planet, and the few how are not Racist supremacist Jews, are thier puppets....!!! If you realy care about all races including the Jews for thier own sakes.. This is where you will take this fight... Now all of you ignorant to this reality, go ahead and call this the "Hitler channel" this person knows who is...!!! Spew your false cries of anti-semitism, but you better hurry, your little trick is loosing it's grip...!!!

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