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The True Purpose Of Your Life Soul


Christine Breese speaks often of being still in the mind and being in the moment. This is only the beginning of enlightenment. After that, the experience of knowing the self that you are is ever deepening and the journey truly never ends. If you would like to meet Christine Breese in person, she offers retreats throughout the year. You can contact University Of Metaphysical Sciences at http://umsonline.org/MeditationRetrea... for retreat schedules or registration. You can also hear 10 minute meditations by Christine at MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/awakennowretreats

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  • Estanislao#

    Estanislao February 27, 2008 10:56:20 PM CET

    I thought it was to learn.So what comes after realizing the dream, overcoming fears and addictions? What happens when you awaken from the dream but the dream is the same as the reality? What happens when reality is highjacked?

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