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Spiritual Depression is Time to Surrender to Grace

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Feb 6, 2008
  • Hits: 197

"The dark night of the soul, darkness spiritual depression, is time to surrender to grace, stop the search, time of disillusionment with lost God, no control. On cusp of spiritual grace enlightenment! When dark night of the soul is here, the darkness of spiritual depression gives up control, ready to surrender to grace, stop search. Dark night of the soul is spiritual disillusionment, no control over having lost God, no feeling of grace, but surrender to the darkness of being lost to God is grace sought in the search. Stop search, stop disillusionment, surrender to grace, darkness of spiritual depression lifts, dark night of the soul is over, darkness turns to grace, disillusionment gone, dark night of the soul has dawn. Fear of lost God, no control ends in surrender to grace. Dark night soul over."

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