Aldous Huxley, LSD, & the Doors of Perception

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Aldous Huxley, one of the brightest literary lights of the 20th Century, discovered that LSD literally "opened the doors of perception." This changed forever his "Brave New World" view of drugs as tools of enslavement and made him realize that drugs could also be "sacred sacraments," i.e., the most powerful tools for liberation.

For more information (including videos) about Huxley's ideas and his relationship to psychedelic drugs, see For more videos about LSD and other psychedelics, see

If you wonder why we call them "sacraments," here's scientific proof that psychedelics facilitate genuine religious experiences: In 2006, researchers at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical School, in a controlled double blind study, showed that those administered the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms had profound religious experiences. To see a video and major media reports about that study, see

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