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Anonymous: "Hello, members of the public. I present myself to you as Anonymous. Yesterday I released a video speaking to the members of the church of Scientology, and soon I will release one speaking to the members who call themselves Anonymous. But today, I would like to address you, the viewers of this video, be you scientologists, anonymous, or simply an innocent viewer.
Since the onset of this movement, Anonymous has been referred to as a group of "super hackers," and, as "domestic terrorists." We have been labeled villains and evildoers, and have been thought of as having an elite organization. All are incorrect. We are as our name implies. We are a group with no leader, and with no face. We share no common opinions, we unite under no one banner, and we follow no one set of rules. This movement is simply a gathering of people who oppose Scientology, and these messages are sent to intimidate the church as a business, inform the public, and guide the members of our legion. We are your friends and neighbors. We are not good people, but rather, as varied as any mass could be.
Scientology, conversely, is a tightly-bound organization, ruthless and cruel. But they are not without their victims. At the lowest ranks of Scientology exists a large amount of people simply entering the cult with curiosity as to what it is. They are not told of the secrets of the church, but are simply told that they can be helped. These Scientologists, scared about the inevitability of death and uncertain as to what follows after, are misguided, and should be considered victims, not enemies. It is the head of the organization, run not by men of the cloth, but by lawyers and politicians.
One enters the church, paying exorbitant sums of money to get what they consider wellness treatment. Only after giving away much more money in the pursuit of answers are they even informed of the church's beliefs.
In this age of Enlightenment, information is a commodity that is free to whomever seeks it out, and there is not a single organized religion that refuses to teach its followers every aspect of its faith without a massive payment to the organization.
When one tries to leave the church, if they have invested themselves too heavily in the Scientologists' ranks, they are persecuted and detained by the church in an effort to maintain secrecy. No other religion restricts its members from leaving, a freedom afforded to all human beings.
The Church of Scientology relies on secrecy to veil its wrongdoings, and lures the public in with false promises of hope, only to trap them once they are far enough in to realize their mistakes.
This is not a church. It is a business that sells false hope and preys off the weakness of uncertainty. To those who feel this movement has nothing to do with them, know that the church is growing. Silence like a cancer grows, and a church veiled in shadows and secrecy desires nothing more. The cult demands silence, and we come from the world around them to let our voices be heard.
We do not ask you to join us, but we do ask you to look us up. Read about the wrongs of Scientology, and learn more about our cause. If you do not wish to join our protests, pass them by, but stop for a minute to ask the supporters of our cause to tell you more information about it.
Information is our only weapon, and we will give our knowledge to you, so that you may be armed as well.
We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. We are the voices of reason around you, if only you listen."

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