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"...keep your mouth shut"


  • Bangifriar#

    Bangifriar August 26, 2009 4:21:58 AM CEST

    "THEY" are the Elite Grand Puppet Masters and always will be, you can never change history! There is no place to run or hide! "THEY" are disguised and hidden within a shadow of a shadow like many diseases, a tumor lurking near any vital nerve or organ, as if programmed with a pre-destined code to mutate upon it's own discretion. Yet, have "THEY" capitalized from their own agenda, they're setting the motion globally by dangling, pulling and controlling the manipulative strings that binds and uses us to their own benefits of a pre-choosen reality, while setting and securing the stage for many future generations in this universe. Just as if an abusive partner would forcibly apply their will upon you until your blinded, beaten and raped submissively, they are praying and profiting on humanities worst scenario's! Only the chosen few shall lead and prosper by brutal force and controlling societies thru unjustified laws for their own greed and objectives. While many of us are unfortunate victims, we now become the cattle that's being hearded, pricked, probed and pushed thru the unsterilized sloths of their slaughter house!!! Oh wait, I BETTER KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT...oops!!!

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