Why there were differences between St.Peter who he

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Hardly any one understand the functions of St.Peter and St.Paul. St.Peter was the only Labourer who was once-born with the habits of a child. He would do what the Rabbis would tell him to do and ate what was Kosher, said prayer, etc. He was like a school boy being fed on Milk, the Scriptures where St.Paul was very spiritual capable of Feeding Meat, the very Body of Jesus to people and the spiritually advanced Samaritans or Gentile were the best people capable of Chewing this Meat, the Living Bread that Christ Jesus had introduced to us. So, St.Peter dealt with Jews who were not spiritually advanced and loved Milk, the written Torah whereas St.Paul, the opposite, the Gospel of God, which most of the Jews were incapable of understanding. As the Rabbis used to possess the very Key to the kingdom of heaven that was given to St.Peter to apply and that lies in obeying the Ten Commandments of which telling lies is a serious sin that St.Peter killed the two liars.

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