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Here you go, "Truth Seekers.! Some Truth...!!!!!!!


I've asked many of those who claim that these verses have been taken out of context - or that this book is an "old book" - to prove otherwise. Yet, a very popular YT Rabbi expressly described it as a "beautiful book" in one of his videos. And I have yet to hear HOW exactly these verses have been manipulated and/or distorted. To learn more visit: http://theforbiddentruth.net/index.php?referrerid=1060

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  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 8, 2009 8:43:29 AM CEST

    I dont know about Hitler, But Himmler very well might might have been all Jewish..

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 8, 2009 8:41:27 AM CEST

    Thats pretty funny I could just see it.. YOU see my BOOT "WHY IS GOD LETTING IT SLIDE OFF YOUR FACE".???

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 8, 2009 7:40:19 AM CEST

    You got it..!! Fuck off, and DIE...!!!

  • Donmost#

    Donmost September 8, 2009 7:14:39 AM CEST

    what type of mind state do u have if u believe that the creator of the universe and everything in it chose you as his one and only favorite..everybody else just might as well fuck off huh?

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 4, 2009 10:10:39 AM CEST

    NO! Hitler did not not believe in God. BUT that is NOT an excuse.!!

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 4, 2009 9:59:54 AM CEST

    Look brother. I am sorry about what I said in my other comment. But I am just soooo sick and tierd, of falsly being called an anit-semite for calling out these people, and make no mistake my freind "these people" By that I mean Racist Zionist Jews..! Control it all.!! The money, the media, the government, and even what we think we know about History.!! Specificaly the holocaust, and "What realy happend" in Germany under hitler. That is why it is the only historical event in history that you can be put in prison for Questioning "THEIR" take on it. You can not even ask one thing about the so-called "Gas Chambers" without attacting suspicion.!! Now this is the Behaviour of those how are trying to hide something..!! No rational honest person can say it is not.!!! Question the facts of any other historical event, and know one cares, but don't you dare Question the HOLOCAUST..!! Because If you do, you can, and will be put in prison in places like Europe Brittian, and Australia, and if "They" are not deffeted..?? Soon it will be this way in the United States.!! Also, few people Know, but these exact kinds of so-called hate speech laws were instituted in Russia by Racist Jews in Stalins Government. You could even be put to death for so-called anti-semitism.. As Defined by the Jews, and the state NO DOUBT.!!!

  • Aliengrey#

    Aliengrey September 4, 2009 9:03:19 AM CEST

    Deadspace, u made a good point down there.. when white people say "Oh this race is complete shit, killing them is awesome." it's automatically considered evil (which it is, dont get me wrong) but when some ppl in the middle east do it, jewish, muslim or whatever, it's ok. It's ok, it's their religion, just let em work it out. Remember Hitler? He thought he was doing god's work too.

  • Aliengrey#

    Aliengrey September 4, 2009 8:59:46 AM CEST

    all of those rules in that book sound like they were just made up by some uneducated racist, childish, ignorant bigot. "Adam had intercourse with every animal in Eden." "Jesus is in hell being boiled in shit." who would follow this bullshit? People who kill on behalf of this garbage should die. not slowly or painfully, just a quick mass execution. especially that dumbass jewish kid with the bottle. I'm not racist against jews, but that is some bullshit. I woulda stomped that little fuck right into the ground, while asking him why God is letting him be stomped into "his" ground.

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 3, 2009 2:18:21 AM CEST

    In ISREAHELL "They would shoot you, and your American Government would cover it up..!!!

  • Deadspace76#

    Deadspace76 September 3, 2009 2:08:08 AM CEST

    Sorry to disapoint you, but I am not a Christian my friend.. So no matter where ideas like this crap comes from.. They need to be exposed, and understood for the hateful racist, and destuctive nonsense that "THEY ARE"..! "THEY ARE" the hateful ones NOT ME, and it is because Jews, and "SOME" Christians believe this Garbage with all of thier hearts, that they practice such awful behaviour..!! So it is the "Truth" that I am trying to "STIR UP", and that my friend, by it's very nature..!!! Will always "STIR UP" trouble..!! SOO.!! The very "POINT" is your beliefs cuase your "ACTIONS"..!! No "rational honest" person can argue against that.. I thought that from the video.?? "THAT" "POINT" was made very clear..!! Take off your Zionist "JEWISH" blinders my friend..!! "WHITE" supremacist who hold similar Ideas are rigthfully singled out condemed for having such "beliefs, but as I have said so many times before..!! If you call out the Jew for having these "SAME" ideas, that the Jew writen Bible as in the video showed in Deutoronomy, and the Talmud..! That "They" cearly "DO have these beliefs" you are The "racist..!! What a joke, but you are partly right to say that not all Jews practice these beliefs, but there are only few who openly deny these other Jews fo believing this crap.. I ask you where are the rest..?? The fact is that even Jews who are not Talmud fanatic's..!!! Secreatly desire all of the Rabinical praise and lavish vanity that is reaped upon them by the racist Zionist Jew fanatics, and money masters..!! So as always..!! I suggest you people do you "OWN research into this matter, and "STOP IT" with the "FALSE" claims of hate..!!! This is a "Strawmans" tactic who dose not have any real facts to argue with..!! For, or against..!!

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