Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji:- Khatris were very hostil

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Trinity Table that would help understand religious knowledge, which is Universal. ROLES OF SIX SATGURUS: - Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second anointed Christ that Christ Jesus predicted and this Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar known as Golden Tem...

Trinity Table that would help understand religious knowledge, which is Universal.

ROLES OF SIX SATGURUS: - Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second anointed Christ that Christ Jesus predicted and this Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar known as Golden Temple is the Replacement of the Jerusalem Holiest of Holy Temple whose Curtain was torn apart telling the Mission of Christ Jesus that from now on every one is to give his own account to God. Rabbis became greedy and Mammon worshippers seeking their own praises rather than glorifying our Father Allah. Temple was destroyed in 70A.D. as the Rabbis were not producing any Fruit worthy of our Father. This Christ Jesus stressed in the Parable of Winepress that produced no fruit in its Season and fact this was established in the Fig Tree bore no Fruit. Jesus cursed both the Fig Tree and the Temple to be destroyed as the husbandmen, the Temple Priests, were not worthy to look after the Winepress producing Scriptures, the Old Wine. If you measure these two Temples, one in Jerusalem that was destroyed and the present Harmandir Sahib, you may find many similarities. Amrit Srovar is the replacement of the Bethesda Pool of Mercy. However, let us stress upon the Bani in Ad-Granth. As stressed many a times, the Khatris of the Punjab are the Kings of Darkness, they corrupted the religious Books to their hearts content for the sake of Mammon as they spread twenty two shops in Baba Bakalae where the Last on earth, the Sixth Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji was to appear. That is after such a glaring Celestial Lights, the Bani, there was still much Darkness prevailing. These satanic Khatris have changed almost all the religious Books and in 1954 when I was in my village, my father told me that the people of Chamiar tribe who came to perform religious functions refused to read the Holy Bible of the Sikhs, the Ad-Granth for there were too many corruptions. Prof. Jodh Singh in his Book, KARTARPURI BIRR DAE DARSHAN states that over 200 pages have been washed clean and many corruptions made by similar ink. However, returning to the subject, the following are the contributions of the Six Satgurus:-
1.Satguru Nanak Dev Ji-1469 1539 = 70 years Introduction to Kalyug and how to deal with it No. of Hymns or Sloks = 974;
2.Satguru Angad Dev Ji- 1504 1552 = 48 years; Preaching = 13 years:- Laying of the Foundation of Sikhism. That is, how to subdue your ego to become twice born living in spirit and dead in ego Plants. Dealt with natural man in the Labourers = 62;
3.Satguru Amar Dev Ji- 1479 1574 = 95 years; Preaching = 22 years:- How to Feed the Plant of Sikhi with honest earnings free of the greed blood or Dubhda, bond by God and Mammon, the Doubting stage = 907;
4.Satguru Ram Dass Ji- 1534 1581 = 47 years; Preaching = 7 years:- Dealt with Khashtri Varn that serve and not rule over public and enjoy the company of Saints rather than those of the corrupt politicians = 679
5.Satguru Arjun Dev Ji- 1563 1606 = 43 years; Preaching = 25 years:- Ripened the Fruit borne by the Labourers by sitting on a hot iron plate with sand poured over his head in the hottest month of June when fruits ripen fast. Glorifying Father for the Quality of Fruit produced to encourage the Workers. He stressed the company of Saints to attain the highest spiritual heights to proclaim that Nanak was the Greatest of all the Christs of the world Sabhh tae waddah Satguru Nanak; jinn kal rakhi meri = 2218
6.Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji- 1621 -1675 = 54 years; Preaching = 11 years:- The Harvester of the Crop of Workers Sealed to serve God called Dass His Hymns are short as we ply Sickle with short strokes = 115
Total number of years devoted to Preaching Gospel = 140 years or 200 years including Sachae Patshah or the Royal Kings Who Protected the Crop.
The Sikhi or Christianity of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was well organized in which the Specialists in the various Fields delivered Sermons to Train the Labourers and Workers for the Field of God. At the Times of Jesus, such a specialized Knowledge was not needed to fight the Princes of Darkness but the Kings and the Emperors of Darkness in India did need such an organized knowledge. I hope, you enjoy my Videos and for a thorough knowledge, a Fellowship of Sikhs Spiritual students of Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak Dev Ji is essential. That is, where two or three are gathered together in the names of Satguru Jesus and Christ Nanak Dev Ji, they are there sitting among them. REMEMBER THAT THIS IS THE AGE OF GRACE AND SATGURUS AND NOT OF WORKS OR KARMA AND BRAHMIN GURUS OR RABBIS. God bless you.

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