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Alien baby or elaborate hoax


  • Bhornbuckle75#

    Bhornbuckle75 May 21, 2010 3:53:47 AM CEST

    Yeah.....looks like its made of paper mache! But wait....that guy with the sophisticated British accent told us scientists said it had "...characteristics of both lizards and humans...." So that means it MUST be real right?!!? I mean a guy with an accent like that has gotta be tellin' us the truth....even though they never actualy bother to interveiw any of these scientists in this clip....I mean the guy with the British accent TOLD us what they thought, and he must know!!! He's British!!!

  • -Marduk-#

    -Marduk- September 18, 2009 10:54:59 AM CEST


  • Aliengrey#

    Aliengrey September 4, 2009 8:04:51 AM CEST

    *insert thumbs up*

  • Aliengrey#

    Aliengrey September 4, 2009 8:04:06 AM CEST

    well then. lol. I'm always the skeptic, and that looks and seems mighty real to me.. what kind of an ass leaves its baby behind in a trap tho? =P looks like the non-secret base scientists might have found some solid evidence.. or it will seem that way until they get censored or murdered, and the deceivers think up some crock of shit like "Oh, it's a mutated baby iguana, from an explosion that leaked radioactive blah blah blah.. CBS news reports."

  • Kingozzy#

    Kingozzy September 3, 2009 11:51:52 PM CEST

    Ahh, poor little thing, thats almost as scary as ghostofedna(3down)...Oz

  • Clhenter#

    Clhenter September 3, 2009 2:26:22 PM CEST

    Looks like a monkey

  • Evildweeb#

    Evildweeb September 3, 2009 1:36:15 AM CEST

    "...characteristics of both lizards and humans...."End of story

  • Ghostofedna#

    Ghostofedna September 3, 2009 1:33:43 AM CEST

    They say that nice farmer man who found this little guy burned up in a fire. Maybe the scientists in the city can make another one of these for t.v.

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