I. Granchi - Brazilian Ufologist 1st UFO Sighting

Irene Granchi - Brazilian Ufologist First UFO Sighting (English Subtitles)

Irene Granchi - Ufóloga Brasileira relata seu primeiro Avistamento

Even though born in Argentina but Brazilian since childhood (as she says proudly), Mrs Irene Granchi is considered "The First Lady" of brazilian Ufology. Here we see her reporting her very first UFO sighting, at Vassouras City, Brazil, in 1947, at 3:30 PM, from her home yard.
Today, almost 100 years old, Mrs Irene Granchi lives in Rio de Janeiro close to the beach.
I'd like to tell my visitors that all my uploaded videos in Brazilian Portuguese soon will have Subtitles in English. As you know, it takes a lot of work and time. It's just a matter of time ! Thanks.

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