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  • Pindz
  • uploaded: Sep 3, 2009
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  • Seetruth#

    Seetruth September 14, 2009 2:49:51 AM CEST

    The first conditioning every living thing is subjected to is of course birth, into a slower vibrational frequency, due to magnetic pull/attraction, among many other faculties. Work the rest out from there!

  • Bigfoot228#

    Bigfoot228 September 8, 2009 3:50:15 AM CEST

    wow, for a second there i thought i was actually watching this video, and then i realized......holy crap! iam not even real! this sucks

  • Brianmorin#

    Brianmorin September 8, 2009 3:21:12 AM CEST

    All is energy, true, but all does not go on in my %?$# head. If you were to say, Dogma, that we project 3d (physical reality) onto the matrix, then you are talking to me. If you say something else is in control, you can talk to yourself...

  • Brianmorin#

    Brianmorin September 8, 2009 3:16:46 AM CEST

    Am I so happy to see these replies. They give me hope that things are evolving.

  • Brianmorin#

    Brianmorin September 8, 2009 3:15:20 AM CEST

    Couldn't agree with you more... Like to whole universe lives in my brain. How about we project our beliefs onto the matrix. This is the reason I hate anything that calls itself science. Not because I don't believe that there is place for science, but because I believe that science has been taken over and controlled by a bunch of imbecilic control freaks. When science comes out of the dark ages, and decides to us truth as its raison d'ete, then I will listen.

  • Dogma#

    Dogma September 7, 2009 7:14:59 PM CEST

    This is like a bad Scientology film from the early 90's.

  • Dogma#

    Dogma September 7, 2009 7:01:18 PM CEST

    I have take issue with your argument. The world's sages, mystics and gurus haven't denounced the material as a trick of the senses (i.e. "mentalism").The illusion is, we blindly accept the material realm as the ULTIMATE REALITY, whereas the realm of Spirit (or pure energy, if you like) is infinite and therefor the "Ground of all Reality".This isn't just Socratic rhetoric, either. Through intense training, these people have had DIRECT experience of such Reality.But don't take my word for it...

  • Belarion#

    Belarion September 7, 2009 4:34:57 PM CEST

    Illusion? it's all been said before, if I kick you in the nuts, is it the illusion that makes you double over in pain? give your head a shake !

  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u September 7, 2009 2:13:56 PM CEST

    The philosophical concept of this video is called MENTALISM. Mentalism exists in any culture. It denies reality as a illusion of the mind. Mentalism is also the basis for mindcontrol in every culture. If you lose grip of reality, anything can be true. Mentalism is the basic education to transform a person into a terrorist. Especially suicide terrorists are convinced that reality is just an illusion. This movie is poison for the mind and based on a paradox, that can't be easy solved. When a "mentalist" philosopher wanted to proved that you can never reach the other side of the room, Socrates, proved he was wrong by stepping to the other side of the room. The author of this video needs the reality to prove that reality doesn't exist. So even mentalism needs reality to exist. So dear audience, please be aware for this kind of nonsence.

  • Nutellajunkie#

    Nutellajunkie September 7, 2009 12:03:59 PM CEST

    crock o shite!

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