Return to the Wisdom of your fathers!! America!!!!

The law has been broken.. OUR "servants" once again think they are our masters, and make no mistake this "WILL NOT" go away by it's self. You must be willing to die for your freedom at all times, or you "WILL LOSE IT".. You wil fight with your life, or you "WILL LOSE it.!!! YOU WILL DIE FOR SOMETHING, OR YOU WILL DIE FOR NOTHING.. Thier are still somethings "WORTH DYING FOR IN THIS WORLD, are thier not?..??.. The slave who thinks he is not a slave.?? Is "TEN TIMES" more loyal to his masters then the slave "WHO KNOWS" he is a SLAVE. "LEARN WHO" the "REAL MASTERS" are at: Sign up and become a True Patriot..!!

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