Cloak Ufo, 24.08.09 -Dorset-UK

we went to weymouth for a few days/holidays and took several pictures and videos. by 6.20 pm on the 24th of august 2009 and while doing some fishing, i decided to summon ufos because i haven't seen them in the skies for some time. at that moment i didn't notice anything and thought i hadn't been able to catch anything at all, but once i downloaded and checked all the material i found this one (and some pictures to be included in another post) which seems to be cloaking with the sky. to me, this is a confirmation they are always around with us being unable to see them most of the time but the cameras can 'register' them better than our own eyes. to the sceptics: it is clearly nothing on my camera lens.

the cloaking/invisibility of ufos has been reported many times, for example read the following report:
"Nearly invisible' UFO low flying over Illinois power lines" at

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